Faster, more efficient, and easier.

Inland Terminals Group believes digitalisation is crucial for optimal service delivery.

Learn more about our IT solutions below.

Web-Based Portal

Our portal serves as a straightforward and accessible information platform designed to optimise your operations. It allows you to create and manage bookings, adjust container information, and construct custom reports that can be automatically generated and sent to your email address.

E-CMR: The Digital Freight Note

The E-CMR is the digital successor to the traditional freight note. Simple, reliable and fast. Not only does the E-CMR provide greater control over the logistics process, it’s also a sustainable solution for freight documentation.

Booking and Touchpoint API

Our APIs make working with us even easier. You can register your bookings automatically in our system using our Booking API. Our Touchpoint API has been developed to share all information about your container directly in your system, such as the expected arrival time at the seaport terminal, the anticipated loading/unloading time at the dock, or the redelivery date. That’s how we provide end-to-end container visibility.