Terminal services

From cleaning to repairs and upgrades, we offer a wide range of additional services for every container.

Inland Terminals Group offers full-service container logistics. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive support in your container transport. Therefore, our terminals are designed as one-stop-shops where we offer a complete range of additional services. For example, we can arrange gas inspections for your container. In case we detect any harmful gases, we can handle the defumigation as well. Our committed partners will issue a gas-free certificate when defumigation is complete.

Inland Terminals Group is also the right place for the transport of special goods. We handle flat racks, open tops, and other non-standard container types


At some of our terminals, we weigh your container in accordance with SOLAS regulations. You will receive a VGM certificate as verification of the measured weight.

Key benefits


One-stop shop

From cleaning and repair to weighing and upgrading. You can rely on our complete range of services.


Gas measurement

We can check your containers for gases, perform active and passive fumigation, fogging, and defumigation.


Out of Gauge

You can also rely on Inland Terminals Group for transport and storage of cargoes with non-standard dimensions.


Complete service

From labels, seals and liner bags to transport and storage of hazardous cargo containers. Whatever you need, we will take care of it for you.

Meer informatie

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