Barge services

Efficient, sustainable, and supremely reliable. Learn more about our barge services.

Thirty years of experience, clear delivery times and an extensive network in Northwest Europe – these are the keys to our successful barge services. Our team works diligently every day to provide efficient, sustainable, and reliable inland waterway transportation for our clients. Our ‘fixed windows’ at deep-sea terminals play a key role in this. They prevent congestion issues, allowing us to offer our customers even more certainty.

Inland Terminals Group operates with a deep respect for nature. Our subsidiary, BCTN, recently received its third Lean & Green Star. We are proud to be the first inland terminal in both the Netherlands and Belgium to have this distinction – a testament to our dedication to sustainable freight transport.


Key benefits


Core business

Inland Terminals Group has over thirty years of experience in inland navigation.


Energy efficient

Our container transport by barge is reliable, efficient and the greenest form of transport.


CO2 reduction

Barge transport reduces CO2 emissions by 50% compared to road transport.


Less congestion

By transporting containers via barge, we reduce congestion on the busiest highways.

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