Terminal Beringen

BCTN Beringen is our newest location in Flanders and has been a valuable addition to our Belgian network since 2018. This terminal is situated along the Albert Canal, just like our facilities in Geel and Meerhout. By closely collaborating with these terminals, we save more than 50,000 truck journeys per year.

Just like our other facilities, Beringen terminal has the capacity to store both empty and loaded containers, including those not owned by shipping companies. Thus, it is never a problem if your container arrives ahead of the loading schedule.

Terminal details

The inland terminal is strategically situated on the Ravenshout industrial estate, flanked by the Albert Canal. This waterway provides an excellent connection to the ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam, and Zeebrugge. With the nearby A13 and N29 highways, the terminal is easily accessible by road as well.

Our barges maintain a daily service between Beringen and Antwerp. The permanent presence of a push barge in the Antwerp sea port allows us to easily transfer containers between terminals.

Featured services

Refrigerated transport
We have the knowledge and resources to safely transport and store chilled and frozen cargoes.
Container storage
We offer suitable storage solutions for both import and export containers.

More information

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This terminal is part of BCTN.

Nancy Smits

Commercial Manager Belgium

Gunther Fransen

Terminal Manager Beringen