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A strong network

The transportation landscape is undergoing a transformation. As we transition towards a fossil-free economy, we are in search of new and better solutions for container transport. Inland Terminals Group believes that inland shipping plays a key role in sustainable transport. Today and in the future.

Inland Terminals Group is a young organisation with deep roots. We were established on the 9th of June 2021 with the acquisition of BCTN’s inland terminal operations.

A year later, MCS also joined our organisation. Annually, we transport over 500,000 containers for import and export to and from the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. Our network consists of fifteen inland terminals in the Netherlands and Belgium with several new locations in development.

That is how we connect the inland waterways to achieve sustainable and efficient container transport for our clients. From well-known names like FrieslandCampina, Heineken, Action, KraftHeinz, and Nike to a large number of valued local shippers and receivers. With sustainability and digitalisation as our key priorities, our team of 250 enthusiastic colleagues works hard every day to provide excellent service to our customers.

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Our companies

Inland Terminals Group’s strong network is formed by our companies BCTN and MCS.

About BCTN

BCTN has been active since 1987 with a container terminal in Nijmegen. This initiative has been widely followed since. Currently, a significant part of containers for the domestic market are shipped via one of our terminals. An increasing amount of companies are recognising and more companies seeing the advantages of this mode of transport.

Translating the benefits of a group, a network, to our clients: Connecting the Flows. We strive to reduce inefficiencies in inland operations. We do this diligently but independently. We understand the inland container transport market and add value to it.

Green and blue are our colours: we navigate the inland waterways and respect nature. As an inland operator, we strive to be the preferred choice for our customers. We sell the solutions and aim to relieve our customers. Within our service area, we want to offer various value-added solutions in addition to container transport.



About MCS

MCS is the larger player in smart container logistics in the Northern part of the Netherlands. We transport sea containers via inland shipping to our terminals and ensure a seamless connection with road transport. Through the use of fixed timetable services and our trio of bespoke terminals, we guarantee efficient container transport at unrivalled rates.

In addition to transportation by water and road, we take care of the entire surrounding process. Full service container logistics is our strength. We aim to relieve our customers as much as possible by maintaining control and proactively solving any emerging issues. Get in touch to discuss the myriad of possibilities we offer: from road and water transport to pre- and post-transport, and even gas measurements.

Our efficient way of working creates a solid foundation that makes customers, suppliers and employees alike happy to enter into long-term relationships with us. On this stable course, we sail on.


From shipping company to distribution centre…

The Inland Terminals Group is an important link in the import chain. Our barges sail your container from the port of Rotterdam or Antwerp to one of our terminals in the Netherlands and Belgium. At our terminals, your containers are available on demand. Trucks take care of the last mile from the container to your distribution centre.

Board members

Eduard Backer


Willem van der Ark


Alfons Metselaar