Our vision

A strong network

Inland Terminals Group stands for connecting flows for enhanced efficiency.
We offer our customers all the benefits of a robust network of inland container terminals. Independent, meticulous in all our activities, and deeply knowledgeable about the inland container transport market. We strive daily to add value for our customers.

Four pillars form our foundation


Blue is the New Green

Inland Terminals Group has a green heart. Container transport via inland waterways reduces the number of trucks on the road, thus we contribute significantly to the reduction of carbon emissions. As a leader in sustainability, we consistently seek out solutions to make our operations increasingly 'greener'. This includes investing in sustainable equipment at our terminals, as well as hybrid and electric barges, and trucks powered by electricity or LNG.


Full-service logistics

Our entire operation is designed with a single goal in mind - to be our clients' number one choice. Our objective: to deliver inland waterway solutions that take care of all our customers' needs. While inland water transport is our core activity, we also offer a wide range of additional services. This includes customs services, warehousing facilities, road transport, as well as cleaning, repairs, and upgrades.


Leader in digital transformation

By digitizing our services, we make it faster, more efficient, and easier to work with us. Through our web-based portal, our customers are able to handle their bookings independently. The E-CMR serves as a simple and sustainable replacement for physical freight notes. Through our APIs, we share all transport information directly with our clients' systems, allowing us to have more time for personal contact where we can truly make a difference.


People focused

Inland Terminals Group stands for exceptional service. Our secret? A local approach that allows our team to find creative, tailored solutions for our clients. Naturally, this method requires top-tier professionals. We believe that our success starts with being an outstanding employer. This allows us to attract talent, cultivate the skills and knowledge of our people, and ensure our team becomes stronger day after day.


How can we make transport sustainable and future-proof? This is one of the central questions in the transition to a climate-neutral economy. Inland Terminals Group believes that inland shipping forms a vital part of the answer.


Faster, more efficient, and easier. Inland Terminals Group believes digitalisation is crucial for optimal service delivery.