Deventer’s New Container Terminal: Operational from January 1, 2024

Marking the fruition of years of close collaboration between BCTN, Vos Transport Group, and the municipality of Deventer, we are thrilled to announce the opening of the much-anticipated Deventer container terminal. This state-of-the-art facility is set to become a cornerstone of sustainable container transportation in Deventer and nearby communities.

This initiative kicked off in 2016 when BCTN, Vos Transport Group, and the Deventer municipality began a joint exploration into the feasibility of a terminal at Westfalenstraat 18-20. After overcoming several challenges, including nitrogen emission issues, the green light was given by the Deventer municipality for the construction of a reinforced quay wall on May 19, 2022.

In February 2023, contractor Van Heteren commenced the construction of the reinforced quay wall, which was completed by June this year. The terminal will be officially handed over by the Deventer municipality to Inland Terminal Deventer on September 1, 2023, which will undertake its operation. The following months of October and November will see further ground fortification, the construction of an office building, and the installation of perimeter fencing.

Boasting an area of 7,500 m2 with the potential for doubling in the years to come, and a quay length of 160 meters, the terminal’s capacity is 30,000 TEU. Inland Terminal Deventer is equipped with a negative reach stacker for efficient loading and unloading of containers. Two to four departures will take place weekly between the Deventer terminal and the port of Rotterdam, creating an efficient, sustainable channel for container transportation.

This innovative container terminal is set to play a pivotal role in the green transformation of Deventer’s container transport.

With the imminent realization of the new container terminal in Deventer, both the Port of Deventer and Cleantech Regio eagerly await the positive impacts this will bring to the sustainability of transportation in the region. The initiative by Lean & Green leaders BCTN and Vos Transport Group to establish this facility is set to contribute not only to a cleaner and more efficient logistics landscape, but also to the economic growth and job creation in Deventer and its surrounding areas. To further bolster the sustainability of container transportation, the possibilities of electric or hydrogen-powered vessels are under active exploration. With these initiatives, Inland Terminal Deventer is staking its claim as a frontrunner in driving the sustainability of transportation.

Both companies are also collaborating on the DreamH2aul project, which will see the introduction of two hydrogen-powered trucks by the end of this year. These vehicles, boasting unique features that set them apart in Europe, will be based in Deventer and can be utilized at the terminal. Vos Transport Group has also been extensively using HVO100 Biodiesel, which already delivers up to 90% CO2 reduction. All of this provides clients with a myriad of options to make their pre- and post-transportation as eco-friendly as possible.

The grand opening of the terminal is slated for December 2023, with representatives from involved parties, local authorities, and other stakeholders expected to grace the occasion. This milestone signifies a major step forward in the evolution of sustainable logistics and will undoubtedly be a catalyst for the further economic prosperity of Deventer and its surrounding regions.

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Electric or hydrogen-fuelled shipping continues to be a topic of active investigation.

About BCTN

BCTN is a subsidiary of Inland Terminals Group B.V., managing eight terminals in the Netherlands and three in Belgium. With a capacity of 1,569,000 TEU, an annual revenue of around 130 million euros, and a dedicated team of 250 employees, Inland Terminals Group has carved out a dominant position in intermodal transport, operating an expansive network of inland container terminals across the Benelux region. BCTN’s point of contact: Marco Witte, Winselingseweg 80, 6541 AH Nijmegen, phone: +31 6 5130 5230.


About Vos Transport Group

Vos Transport Group is at the forefront of sustainability in the logistics sector. Exploring and leveraging the possibilities of electric transport and hydrogen is one of its primary focuses. The company firmly believes that the fusion of alternative fuels, smarter logistics, and improved traffic conditions will pave the way for a greener future for the transport industry. Vos Transport Group specializes in international groupage and part-load transport with a fleet of over 470 own trucks, with Scandinavia, Germany, and the UK being the main destinations. Vos Transport Group’s point of contact: Max Menheere, Londenstraat 5, 7418 EE Deventer, phone: +31 6 28237455.


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